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Who are you getting your Advice from?

Are You Getting The Right Advice From The Right People?advice21-286x300

We all know that being successful is not something easy in life. We need to pour in a lot of hard work to make our dreams come true. Thus, it will be much easier if there is someone there to guide us and show us the path to success.

The problem with most people is that they are not getting the right advice from the right people. Most of the time, most people are asking people who are not really ‘qualified’ for success advice. For example, whenever I talk about investing in stocks or real estate, my parents will say that it is not a good advice, simply because they burned their hands before. And guess what, the advice they gave me is not a ‘good’ one because they are not the experts in investing. Another example, you can’t learn how to make money from someone who doesn’t have much. Who says, “Money won’t make you happy”? People without money. Who says, “All rich people are greedy”? People who aren’t rich. Wealthy people don’t talk like that.

I understand that my parents just wanted to protect me and do not want me to get my hands burned just like them; however, I will never take into consideration of their advice in investing. The principle here is simple, if you want to be the best, learn from the best. If you want to be a professional tennis player, get a professional coach. If you want to build a million-dollar internet business, learn from the guru who has done that.

It is always better to take advice from someone who had been there comparing to listen to those who had never been there before. Thus, ask yourself right now, are you getting the right advice from the right person? If you do not, look for someone who can truly help you and guide you to achieve your dreams.

Here is an interesting story about getting the right advice from the right person…

The General And The Boy
Once, there was a General who wanted to cross a river. He was unsure of the depth of the river, and whether his horse could make it across the river. He looked around for help and saw a little boy nearby. He asked the boy for advice. The boy looked at the size of the General’s horse and paused for a moment. He then confidently told the General that it is safe for the General and his horse to cross the river.

The General proceeded to cross the river on his horse. As he approached the middle of the river, he suddenly realized that the river was, in fact, very deep, and he almost drowned. After he recovered from his shock he shouted at the boy and threatened to punish him. The boy was stunned and innocently replied, “But General, I see my ducks crossing the river every day without any problem, and my ducks have shorter legs than your horse”.

The Success Principle Behind
If you need advice, get it from people who know what they are talking about. Napoleon Hill says that, “opinion is the cheapest commodity on earth”. Make sure you review for yourself the opinion of others before you act on them.

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I believe that you do not want to spend your time and putting your effort into a strategy that is not going to work for you, right? Therefore, try to review all the advice that you are getting in life. Sometimes when you chit-chat with your colleagues, they will tell you that you should not mix with who and who, or they will tell you that the economy is bad, things are not smooth, etc. Is it true? Well I don’t know your colleagues so I cannot judge for you, but you have to review on your own to see whether those words are worth taking into consideration.

Hence, look for the right person for the right advice to move forward faster in your life.

I hope you like the article and you are going to take action now. Your suggestions and complaints are always welcome, so feel free to comment.


January 23, 2014 at 1:17 AM

Totally agreed Amit! Getting advice is one of our choices that can make the difference in our lives. We should make sure if we are taking right advice from the right person…. 🙂 Another eye-opener article from you. Thumbs Up!

    January 23, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    Yeah getting the right advise from the right source is very important… Someone once said, if you run with 9 broke people you become number 10..!! Same goes for advise too.

    Keep coming back.

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