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If You Want To Be Successful And Make Your Dream Come True, You Gotta Stay In The Water

Do you know what I mean when I say that you have to stay in the water? Well, if you are fishing, you have to keep the bait in the water all the time. This is what is going to attract the fish to come over to your bait.

The same goes in life. If you want to close sales, you have to always go out there to meet your clients and make your presentation. If you are a telemarketer, you have to make calls to close the sales. In other words, you will have to always be active and create activities all the time.

This is the fundamental rule to success. If you think about success but you are not doing anything about it, you will never achieve it. If you want to win a lottery, you have to buy one first. Although staying in the water is not going to guarantee your success, but it is the most basic key that will generate the results and reveal to you the right path to accomplish what you want in life.

For example, if you want to be the best tennis player in your country, you have to stay in the water by keeping yourself busy with training and improving your games. There is no guarantee that you will become the best after going through all the training, but it will definitely help you get you closer to your dreams and your goals.

This is why you need to constantly read books that will improve yourself and keep you motivated all the time. When you are doing the work, you are actually creating the path and producing the results that you want.

Success will not come to you automatically. You will never become a millionaire by accident. It is only when you are ready and when the opportunity arrives, you grab it and you will take your life to another level.

It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.
By Whitney Young

The key here is to always be ready. And how can you do that? The answer is by keeping yourself in the game at all times. Do you think that Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods become the best player because of luck? Don’t know about you but I don’t think so, they trained hard by being in the water all the time, and when the time comes, they grab the chance and they become the best player in their field.

It is the same for Donald Trump, Bill Gates and every other extraordinary people out there. They are ready when the opportunity falls into their hands. They grab the opportunity and run with it.

If you are not ready, it will be useless even if the opportunity comes to you. Let’s go back to the example of being the best tennis player. If you are not ready and suddenly someone offers you a chance to play in the national championship, do you think you can win? You know the answer.

And nobody will actually offer you an opportunity if you are not in the game. No one will suddenly offer you to play in a championship if you are not even playing tennis. It all comes back to the same principle again. You have to stay in the water so that the opportunity will come to you.

There is no accident in this world. Everything happens for a reason. When you closed a big sale because of your relationship with your client, it is not accident or luck too. It is because you make the effort to get to know your client, you make the effort to tell your client that you are working in the industry, you make the effort to ask for the sale from your client, you are the one who tells your client about what you do and in the end, you successfully closed the case.

Everything is working perfectly and it is not happened by luck. You are able to do it because you stay in the water long enough that a big fish come over and bite the bait that you keep in the water for some time. This is how it works.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in life, always play the game and keep yourself active by working on it. Never give up and be hard working in making your dreams a reality. You will eventually create a path and somehow ‘get lucky’ and be successful.

I hope you like the article and you are going to take action now. Your suggestions and complaints are always welcome, so feel free to comment.
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